Thursday, November 20, 2008


It’s 3:30 am.
I am ready to go to the airport so I can spend some times with my grandchildren.
I am prepared.
I even got some sleep, so I feel rested??
I am dressed.
Just shoes left.
The left shoe doesn’t go on the right foot!
I hope I don’t snore on the plane!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


We just had a Presidential election that was historic in many ways. It was good to be a part of that election—no matter what candidate you voted for. BUT! Most of the people that have been interviewed by news programs have totally missed the point of this election.

We were voting for a President to lead our country in a difficult time. WE WERE NOT VOTING ON THE COLOR OF THE SKIN!!! I have heard people commenting that the black are now truly free; our country has finally become equal; we have now left racism behind; and many other comments that regard race ONLY.

One well known radio show had a “man on the street” segment which showed very well how uninformed the voters really were. They asked the public about Obama’s views & promises; but they actually were attributing McCain’s views & promises to Obama. No one noticed. They also asked what the public thought about Obama’s VP running mate –Sarah Palin!! They all said that they thought she would do well and that she was a good choice. GIVE ME A BREAK! This shows what they were voting for and it wasn’t for a candidate!

While I agree that this has been a momentous election; I do not agree with voting for any candidate for any office based on the color of their skin.

If you are going to vote PLEASE LEARN ABOUT WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR! I don’t care which party you choose, or what your political views may be, but please don’t vote based on race!

The election was definitely historical; mostly for ignorant voters.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Aren't these little super hero's cute!

The best part is they are mine. I get to love on them and listen to them and play with them whenever I can get to where they live.

Having a picture of my daughter laughing is wonderful. I can hear her and it makes me want to laugh with her can cry because I miss her so much.

Disclaimer: I admit that I purloined these pictures from someone else blog. The reason is that the only way I get to see pictures of this DD and 2 of my sweet grandchildren is when this other person puts their pictures on her blog. At least I get to see them about every 2-3 months.


This is one person I love to see—and hear!

Each morning when the school bus comes to pick up the 14 year-old, this sweet person is on the bus and watching intently for her to come out the door.

As soon as she is half way to the bus, I start to hear the joyful, very loud, noise that is a welcome from this special person.

It makes me happy to know that there is someone who is happy to see my DD. This starts her day off knowing that she matters to someone (other than her parents, who don’t count when you are 14).

Thank you K!

October 31st

Well, I survived another Halloween. Every year when October comes, I start to build up this dread. The last day of the month is the one I would like to eliminate.

This is proof that I went to "trunk or treat" last night! At least I got to eat and I got some crocheting done. Notice that I even made a concession for the season and wore an ugly orange shirt. I was the crocheting pumpkin.
Last night was a real “sacrifice” for me. I had to give up watching the 1st round of the 2008 PBR World Finals. This is the one sporting finals I take pains to watch! It would have been a real problem last night if I didn’t have DVR! The years that the Finals happen to fall on Halloween are the easiest for me to ignore the holiday. Just in case you haven’t talked to me in a million years, I LOVE the PBR.

Over the years, my children would have agreed, I would have gone and bought 2-3 bags of candy for each one and called it good. But they had different ideas. The lure of a costume and begging for candy in the dark was too much temptation for them. Personally, I don’t see it.

Actually, I hate it! Once the last child is out of the house, I plan on ignoring it! Only my grandchildren will entice me to admit that the day exists at all. I plan to be curled up inside the house, doing whatever I want to do that evening. I might crochet, read, watch TV, watch the PBR World Finals, make Plarn, work on the computer, or bake. I would rather do dishes or clean a bathroom; which are my least favorite chores.

TK can deal with the door if he wants to have the lights on.