Monday, January 25, 2010

Lots of Pictures -- No Dialog

I was finally able to get the pictures off my camera. So this will be a large picture dump! I'll write about them later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Will someone please tell me where to find the cord for my camera to connect to my computer!!
I really need to download pictures.

Did you hide it from me?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update on TK

It’s time for an update on T and his diabetes. We won’t go into how he got in this situation because it doesn’t matter now. We are moving forward.

About a week before Christmas, T had a doctor’s appointment. We knew his blood sugar was up, but we weren’t sure how bad it was. Normal blood sugar levels are around 100-120. That day his was over 500!! The doctor looked at him & said “You can go in this insulin or you can go right to the hospital. What is your choice?” She has been working with him & calling if he hasn’t reported to her as soon as she wants him to. She’s great! She really cares about her patients. (I dream about the day I have insurance and can go se her!)

Back to T: He started testing his blood again & giving himself insulin. But that is never the end of the story. Each time you drop your blood sugar very much, you feel sick, to put it mildly! So we were watching him for blood sugar levels and insulin shock! Things went well and over about 2 weeks, the numbers came down to the 300-250 range. That is a really big change! But they got stuck right there and weren’t coming down anymore.

Up the insulin again! The numbers moved a little farther.

Change the insulin again! The numbers got really good!

The difficult part came as T learned how to time the insulin shots. There have been a few times that he has gone into insulin shock! Nothing gets a wife’s worry gland going like watching all the color leave her husband’s face as he lays there sweating and having a hard time talking & staying awake! This is actually a double edged sword—insulin shock is life threatening, but you got to eat a LOT of forbidden foods! One night his sugar got down to 41-- We were giving him glucose tablets, chocolate, candies, anything that was sweet! After about 90 minutes, it had come up to 120! Safe for the moment. (Big sigh)

That has happened a few more times, but it hasn’t been that drastic. After the first time, he learned what the symptoms were & how he would feel. Since that time, he has only gotten down to the 60’s before we main-lined the sugar! It’s amazing how much energy it takes from you when your blood sugar is so skewed! I remember having times of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and how tiring it was.

The last day or so, T’s numbers have been really good. They are almost always under 200, which is great considering he started over 500. While all this was going on, he stopped driving. Wise choice, but inconvenient for both of us. He finally is feeling good enough to try driving again on short trips. Now we need to work on his stamina—those short trips take every bit of energy he has!


Saturday, January 9, 2010


It's time I posted something!
But I can't think of much to post right now.

Well there is one funny thing that happened; but I'll tell you in advance that it's one fo those kind where you "had to be there" to really understand it.

Dear Daughter has been in the teenage yucks for a while and it isn't showing signs of letting up.   This particular night, we were leaving my family's Christmas Party.  We gathered our things and went out to the van.  Doors are opened, things put in wherever, and we started to get in our seats. 

DD says, after sitting her skinny 5'9" body on the floor for the program,-- "I'm glad it's over!  My butt knuckle really hurts!"   There is a moments pause as T & I take in what she said, then we start laughing and can't stop.  DD thinks we are laughing AT her until one of us finally can say "Butt Knuckle?  Where is your but knuckle?"  

Then she tried to repeat the humor a few times.
What age are you when you finally learn that some jokes are only funny the first time?