Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today as Dear Daughter & I were talking about how the cat likes Dad the best, I said "You & me are second fiddles." Dear daughter said "I'm second flute!"

I started laughing and we had to explain what the joke was.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I finally got a roll!

Since I got my 10th crochet hook, I have wanted to have a hook roll for them. I didn't want to spend the money to buy one. The one I crocheted was not a success-everything kept falling though it, which defeated the purpose.

One of my sisters made THREE for me.
I love them!!

This one is to carry in my purse.
These are what I took out of my purse, but I have found a few more since I took the picture. It will hold regular and long hooks.
This one is to store the LONG hooks.

This list the one I laughed at.
It has 26 pockets, 1 1/2 inches wide each. That makes it
R E A L L Y L O N G ! ! !
If you look you can see that it's folded over twice before it's rolled up.

Here it starts at the foot of our bed and goes almost to the pillows! No, it's not full--yet!
But I haven't found all the hooks I own yet.
And since I have room, I will probably find a few more to buy or inherit or whatever. So if you have hooks you can't store. . .

Newest Niece

This is my newest little niece. She is so cute and a big hand full already. Last time I saw her she was crawling so it really surprised me when she walked across the room!
Of course, just like all sweet little hand fulls--she tired herself out. Uncle T got to hold her while she slept. That's always the most fun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Things for others

For Miss M- she works very hard teaching the autism class in junior high! I certainly couldn't do it.

For Pam- because she asked.


I am full into doing family history & genealogy. So when I have the chance to get a picture or the full inscription of the headstone of an ancestor, I do it.

This one, I got this summer, for my father. So here your go Dad!

Plarn class in Carefree, AZ

When you see my hair you will understand how much energy I use when I teach! I promise that before the class began, my hair was "done", not scraggly and wet looking.

Examples of things made with plarn.

I love it when my wonderful friend Robin comes to help.
This bag looked very "harvest" or "Halloween"

Having men in the classes is rare. This particular man caught on really fast and made his have a striped look. Very cool.

I asked them all to let me know what they do with the bag they started. I'm looking forward to seeing a few bags.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Need Your Suggestions

As most of you know, I have suffered from depression (as a few other things) most of my life. Usually I deal pretty well with it. But sometimes – like now—it gets a little difficult for me. So I need some humor, ideas and communication with the outside world to help right now.

I have begun to stay at home (okay, since it’s 116 outside that may not be too odd). I have not gone to fun family things or boring ones either.

I have gotten into a rut of only doing the housework that literally has to be done. With my small place, that creates a problem after just one day. Imagine how it is after almost a month!

I have food to cook, but can’t seem to figure out what to make—or to find the energy to make it?

There is a towel sitting in the hall (only place for the dirty clothes) waiting to be washed that really stinks. Dear daughter went swimming over a month ago and left the wet towel in a plastic bag—I found it yesterday.

There are so many projects I am excited about doing, but can’t even muster the “umph” to get things out to start any of them.

Yes, I’m complaining. It keeps playing in my mind, and I hate listening to it too. So I have started listening to music or audio books or scriptures on my MP3. I have been taking the medications I should take. I have made myself go places.

I have tried all my own ideas. It’s time for fresh ideas.
I need your ideas. So share!!!!