Thursday, March 27, 2008

In The Dentist's Chair

What do you do when you have to visit the dentist?

You know you will be laying there with your mouth open (for what seems like hours) with someone drilling and prodding inside your mouth!

You will have nothing to do but stare at your reflection in their glasses or look straight into that light!

Sorry, but I can't do that. It gives me a panic attack!

My solution, you ask? Crochet, of course! I found a stitch that I can do without having to look.

Here is what it looks like! And YES, I really do crochet. In fact, I go faster when they are drilling! Just ask the dentist.

You know it's hot when...

. . . you use almost no hot water for a hot shower~!
And it's only March!!!
(Please ignore the hard water spots on the faucet!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WIPs (Works In Progress)

My second Dot's Doohickey. I love these things! Hubby is asking for one for his office desk.
First and second. The second one is really purple.
Started a new baby afghan so I have something to stitch on in the Dentist's chair. Started this one last night.
My new "yarn holder" is really an entertainment center. This is just the TV section, and no, this does not contain all the yarn. The blue tub is balls to use for nests.
Granny Square for the back of my daughters couch. Just one more color!
Another Dentist chair project. (Yes, I've been there a lot lately) Just need red/maroon/mauve to to an edging.
Close-up of the stitch. I love this because I don't have to look, just feel.

The lastest batch of nests.
Nests folded for storage.

Teenager with a camera

Of course a cat is one of the first things she focused on!

No one noticed her taking their pictures.
Maybe she has a future as a paparazzi?

Self Portraits by a Teenager

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What’s Good Friday?

While working deep in thought on my computer I became aware of my 14 year old daughter just behind me. She was playfully involved in a computer game and at the same time she was talking over the speaker phone (just like her Grandfather) to another 14 year old.

I then heard this voice from the phone as a VERY good question. He said to her, “Hey, what is Good Friday?” Well I knew the question would soon be riding the roller coaster rails of intellectualism until it decided to pop out and be hurled full force at me.

After gracefully receiving the pass I explained in very simple terms that Christians believe x, y, z, etc. Then my daughter interjected “But we are Mormon, Dad”. The little boys voice on the phone said, “That’s ok, I’m half Mormon and half Irish”. I just chuckled with the vision in my head of a leprechaun standing there with a Book of Mormon in one hand and a pint of root beer in the other.

(This is from TK)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Animals

We paid another visit to our favorite small mammal rehabber. We took a number of nests for the rabbits and other animals. Above are some new ones and 2 that have been used for a month and washed repeatedly. They are looking great!

This time we did take the camera. So you get to see some of the animals and how they use the nests. The animals are loving these.

This Sugar Glider is just peaking out!

Below is a Chinchilla.

These next 2 are the Patagonian Cavies. She was telling us about them and we just kept asking questions. All of this is so fascinating! They have SKINNY SKINNY legs

Now for the Wallaby. She likes to be held in a pouch for about 2 hours each day. The pouch is about the size of 2 baby blankets stitched together.
Here she is standing by the bar between the kitchen and dining area.

If you have a desire to make some of these nests, contact me and I will tell you where to send them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tomatoes are growing

Last summer, I was given a tomato plant that is suppose to be an everlasting one. It came in a little peat cup ready to be watered and then planted after it had grown to a specific size. I thought this would be a good thing, since I use large containers on my carport.

I followed the directions and planted it at the right time. It grew very nicely and even had some flowers. I was sure that tomatoes were just a few weeks away. I was wrong. Now my goal changed to just keeping it alive for the rest of the blazing hot summer. Success; it lived!

During our somewhat short, cold winter, I noticed that there were 2 little tomatoes that were trying to grow in spite of the frost and cold temps. I watched closely! They just kept on growing, but it was slow!

Yesterday, we counted almost 20 little tomatoes on that wonderful, but sad looking plant. There are also about the same number of blossoms!

We are waiting for some RED to show before I take pictures to share. We check every day, but it goes so slow when you try to watch a plant grow!


Stitching these little nests has really been fun! Last time I talked to Lisa, the rehabber, she said that the rabbits were really enjoying them. They are able to keep their feet in a more natural position than they can on the plastic or metal floor of the cages.

The rabbits are also showing signs of manipulating their environment by moving the nests and turning them upside down for little caves. This is a really good thing since the goal is to release them into the wild again.

The tiny nests are for baby sparrows and such that will be hatching here all through March & April. Lisa has these birds brought to her the same day they hatch and they need a very tiny little place to be for a while. (no they are not for hummingbirds)

If you are interested in making any, the pattern is located at:
The pattern can be changed easily to make larger or smaller nests. I started with this basic pattern for all the nests I’ve made.

This on is a Finch Nest

These are collars for her goat.

Since I'm having so much fun, the yarn is just disappearing!