Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sometimes you just have to share.  A good kitchen tip fits in that category!  So here is a POTATO TIP:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Talking mode

If you read 2 posts ago, you know that I have been dealing with changing my medications and it hasn't been fun!

Here is an update.

Short version:  I have passed the headache of the withdrawl from med 1 and med 2 is beginning to kick in.

Longer version:  Today was the first time I have left the house to go anywhere in 3 weeks!  Panic attack for sure.   But I did it and feel so much better.  I got both shoulders, both elbows, both hips and my stomach all put in place.  BIG LONG SIGH!!!!

One way to tell that I am getting better is that I begin to talk, alot.  I mean A LOT.  I will call someone with a real purpose, but just keep going on and on.   It may be annoying to whoever has to listen, but it's a great sign of improvement.  (sorry if you are on who has had to listen to me just talk about nothing)

Now we are on to the panic at leaving the house.  That usually continues for a while, but should work itself out in the next 2-4 weeks.  I have also been able to eat WITH the family, instead of having to eat alone.  That is such an improvement over a month ago!  My hair, which gets really yucky during these times, is beginning to perk up a little--that will take over 2 months to recover-- at least.


Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that Dear Daughter only had 3 pair of jeans that fit her.  So I looked at the sizes so I would know what to get when I finally had Time/Money together.  All her jeans were size 5.  Okay, I needed to look at size 6.  Got it!   Did I tell you that she is 5' 9" and weighs about 105 pounds?  Hard figure to fit.

Last night, our neighbor came over and gave DD a box of clothes that she thought may fit her.  Great!  As DD was looking at them, I thought they were looking kind of large and I hoped she wouldn't insist on wearing clothes that didn't really fit her.  All of the pants and shirts were size 8. 

Well, being a 16 year old, she decided to try them on. (great, now I can see what we needed to do to make them fit)  So the fashion show began and I prepared for the disappointments that awaited her.

Much to my surprize, they all fit!  I couldn't believe it!  All of them!  A few of the blouses need a little more FRONT that she has now, but she was happy with everything. 

It was like being at a Jonas Brothers concert--her squeals were consistant and loud during the 45 minute fashion show!

Now she tells me that her jeans leave red marks because they are so tight.  Why didn't she say something?  I sure would have!  I guess blessings come in lots of ways.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Every so often

Many of you know that I am classified SMI because of being Bi-Polar, having panic attacks, and a few other little things thrown in to make life interesting.

Like a good girl, I take medications to help the chemicals in my brain to come to “normal” levels where I can function pretty well most of the time. With that in mind, every new year brings the possibility that the insurance’s drug formulary may change WITHOUT NOTICE. So for the last few weeks I have been getting use to a new medication to replace one that was taken off the formulary.

This process is NO FUN! Anyone who has ever been on these meds knows that it is a “trial & error” kind of thing to find the right meds and the right dosages. So while this process is taking place, you are basically a basket case! All the chemicals go out of whack pretty quick! You are trying to function in your everyday life and, all of a sudden, your brain is on the wrong track heading for an oncoming train!

It takes a lot of self-discipline to realize that the train is an illusion!

As many times as I have gone through this process, it never gets easier! I do understand the process better, but it is still tough. I understand that my perceptions will be distorted and my emotions will be all over the place. I understand that this is part of the process. I understand that there is no other way to do this (YET).

So, if someday you notice that I am not answering my phone, or not going someplace that I usually go, or not doing the hobbies I love; feel free to ask if my meds are changing!  I'll only bite off your head  ;O

You might also give TK a pat on the back!  He lives with 2 of use that go through this.  He is the most understanding and loving husband & father, even through the yucky times.

This picture is of me wearing bull horns, which fits me right now, don't you think?  These were made for me by one of my sisters.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Poem by Dear Daughter

U r the sun of my days
N the hope in my eyes
U r like the waves of an ocean
Washing up against the seashore
On a calm, clear day.

(Note from L: Please note that she is in the texting generation.)