Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Truth to calm your soul

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our Savoir and His love for us.  The video at the Son of Man Project to the music "Miracle from Heaven" will uplift you today and give you that warm feeling you get when truth is right in front of you.

I hope you enjoy it and will view it often.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I do mornings

Anyone who knows me knows that 

I haven't gotten out of bed before 11:00am for years.  Of course, having chronic fatigue is one reason it's been so hard, and I thought it was the only reason.

Surprisingly, I was wrong.

After the fiasco with my meds, lasting two months, I have found a rather great outcome.  (No, we aren't finished messing with the meds.)  Now my body wakes up betwen 7-8am and it doesn't want to go back to sleep!  At first, I kept trying to go back to sleep after getting Dear Daughter off to school, but it just wasn't happpening! 

It took me a week to realize what what going on!  Dense, I know.  So now I actually beat the alarm clock!  I don't ever remember THAT happening. 

Now the problem is remembering to turn the alarm OFF before leaving the bedroom!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Power of Words

Words really have a power that we underestimate! This short video illustrates that in a remarkable way.

How did you use your words today?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wasting Time VS Creative Time

If you know me very well, you know I always have crochet hooks and yarn or string with me at all times.  For me it serves two purposes:  1) I can be creative while waiting in a doctor's office or other place like that and 2) it helps to curb my panic attacks.    I use to just carry a book.  But I found that I was reading the same paragaph over & over again, so it served no purpose!    Since I began to carry a crochet project with me, things have been so easy. 

The best part of this is that I have been able to accomplish wonderful in just short snatches of time.  Another great result of this is that I have been able to talk with others about crochet.   A few times I have made a little toy for some child who has to wait without one. (Could that be called neglect?)

The reason I bring this up is that I am not the only one who benefits from things like this.  Today on WikiHow, I found an article about carrying something with you all the time and it isn't just crochet.  Take a look and see if you can think of what you might do if you got stuck wiating for someone for a hour or more?

This also helps to cut down on the anger and frustration you might feel at the inconvenience of being forced to wait for something you hadn't planned on.

How To Make A Portable Craft Kit

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Urban Graffiti

Around New York City, there is some unusual graffiti appearing aroaund the city. If I were there, I would be tempted to add to it.  

Maybe  I will add to it here.

There are times I wish that I knew how to knit. This is one of those times.   

My contribution to the

urban graffiti would be to


in our Arizona summer.

So, who wants to teach me to knit?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do the lights go off?

Many times my brothers have asked the question "But how do you KNOW the light goes off when you close the refrigerator door?"

Now I have know the answer.

The light doesn't go off and I have proof!   I know the picture is a little out of focus but the line of light that IS IN FOCUS is the light from INSIDE the refrigerator.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Helaman's Army

This was just too good not to share.  I hope you will get a good laugh from it.

General Petraeus:
Top 10 reasons BYU grads make great soldiers

By Sara Israelsen-Hartley
Published: Friday, March 26, 2010 10:37 a.m. MDT

As Gen. David Petraeus began his remarks at BYU Thursday night, the commanding general of U.S. Central Command shared his sense of humor by reading the following list, which was received by waves of laughter and applause.

General Petraeus' Top 10 reasons BYU grads make good soldiers:

10 — They have already been on many a mission.

9 — Army chow is no problem for folks accustomed to eating green Jell-o and shredded carrots.

8 — It's not a problem if they don't know what rank someone is, they just refer to them as Brother or Sister so-and-so.

7 — They never go AWOL. They just call it being less active.

6 — They will seize any objective swiftly if you tell them refreshments will be served.

5 — They know how to make things happen. In fact if you ever need a base built quickly in a barren wasteland, stride out to where you want them to start, plant your walking stick down and say in a loud voice, "This is the place."

4 — They have innovative ideas for handling insurgents — like assigning them home teachers.

3 — They always have a years' supply of provisions on hand.

2 — They are the world's most reliable designated drivers.

1 — They understand how far Iraq has come over the last seven years, and they think that Iraq's old spot in the "Axis of Evil" can now be filled by the University of Utah.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Prophet is on Earth Today!

When Jesus Christ was on earth, He formed His church with living apostles. When He was not on earth, He had living prophets to guide it. These men were commissioned to testify of Christ, receive revelation for the people at the time they were living and to prophecy of things to come.

I believe that Christ’s church today would have the same thing; Prophets and Apostles commissioned to testify of Him, receive revelation for our time and to prophecy of things to come. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a living prophet and living apostles who are given those duties.

If you would like to hear a Living Prophet of God  and Living Apostles of God,  you have that opportunity this Saturday and Sunday.

April 3-4, 10am & 2pm MDT

Watch on BYUTV, or listen at,5161,9080,00.html (you can chose what language you would like)

These are 4 different meetings that will be broadcast to the world. There are more than 13 million people worldwide that will try to find a way to listen to these meetings.

I strongly invite you to take the opportunity to see who is leading The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and what counsel is given to the people of the world.

A Prophet that has been called by God is not only a prophet for His church, but is in reality a Prophet to the world.

For more information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go to